HUb Fast Charging Station

BP plans to invest $1 billion in EV charging across US by 2030, helping to meet demand from Hertz’s expanding EV rentals

HOUSTON // ESTERO, FL – bp (NYSE: bp) took another step toward delivering on its transformation to an integrated energy company today by announcing plans to invest $1 billion by 2030 into electric vehicle (EV) charge points across the United States. A cornerstone of the investment includes Hertz (NASDAQ: HTZ) and bp announcing an intention to bring fast charging infrastructure to Hertz locations in major cities, such as Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Houston, Miami, New York […]

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Electric cars charging

Challenges Shift for EV Startups: From Car Production Struggles to Sales Difficulties

Notes taken from WSJ article: Electric vehicle startups, once grappling with the challenge of rapid car production, now find themselves struggling to sell their vehicles. Companies like Rivian Automotive and Lucid Group recently provided less-than-optimistic production forecasts for the year, attributing the decline in electric vehicle (EV) demand to factors such as high interest rates and economic uncertainties. Rivian, known for its electric pickups, plans to manufacture approximately the same number of vehicles as last year […]

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Biotech Facilities Maintenance

Ensuring Excellence: Best Practices in Maintaining Biotech Facilities

Biotechnology facilities play a pivotal role in the advancement of scientific research, drug development, and the production of life-saving therapies. The integrity and functionality of these facilities are paramount, and maintenance practices are essential to ensure that they operate efficiently, safely, and in compliance with industry regulations. In this article, we will explore the importance of maintaining biotech facilities and discuss best practices for achieving and maintaining excellence. The Significance of Facility Maintenance in Biotech Best Practices […]

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Can public EV fast-charging stations be profitable in the United States?

Source: McKinsey – By Peter Fröde,  Morgan Lee, and Shivika Sahdev Check the original article here: And here’s an excerpt: Although electric vehicle (EV) adoption in the United States has historically lagged behind other regions, the country is now experiencing remarkable growth. In 2022, approximately 8 percent of all new passenger cars sold in the United States were EVs, up from around 5 percent in 2021. By 2030, this figure could potentially rise to 53 percent. To meet the growing […]

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California energy commission

California Achieves Milestone: Over 10,000 Fast Chargers Celebrated

Source: In Union City, California, state leaders celebrated a significant achievement by surpassing their target of installing 10,000 fast chargers for electric vehicles (EVs), achieving this milestone more than a year ahead of schedule. The celebratory event took place in the parking lot of the El Mercado Plaza Shopping Center in Union City, where new EVgo direct current fast chargers were recently installed, funded by the state. These chargers played a crucial role in reaching the […]

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Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Is EV charging satisfaction dropping?

According to J.D. Power, the satisfaction with EV charging is on a decline, raising concerns for industry leaders as electric vehicle adoption continues to rise. The recently released 2023 U.S. Electric Vehicle Experience Public Charging Study by J.D. Power indicates a drop in charging satisfaction for both Level 2 and Level 3 chargers across almost every category. The study, which was initiated in 2021, reveals that satisfaction with Level 2 charging has decreased to an average score […]

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Rivian (RIVN) stock continues hot streak after analyst says EV maker hit a ‘major turn’

Shares of EV startup Rivian (RIVN) are up over 14% Friday after Wedbush analyst Dan Ives upgraded his price target. Ives cited the EV maker is making “a major turning point” in its execution strategy, raising Rivian stock price target to $30 a share from $25. Rivian’s stock rally has lasted over a week, with share prices increasing over 80% since June 27, 2023.After shattering analyst estimates earlier this week, delivering 12,640 electric vehicles, and producing 13,992 […]

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EV car in rural areas

Electric Vehicles & Rural Transportation

Interesting new report published by the US Department of Transportation: Source: The rapid growth in electric vehicles (EVs) today is part of a fundamental shift in transportation that promises substantial benefits to individuals, businesses, communities, and the entire Nation. All Americans, regardless of where they live, should have the opportunity to benefit from the lower operating costs, reduced maintenance needs, and improved performance that EVs provide. Similarly, all communities—including communities of color, underserved communities, and environmental […]

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Dark Side

The Dark Side of Electric Vehicles

How electrification has the potential to undo decades of improvements in auto customer experience. The hype around vehicle electrification seems to be in hyperdrive. Much of the narrative surrounding it sounds like this:– Electric vehicles are coming! In the next two to three years, more EV models will be introduced in the U.S. than currently exist.– Consumers are ready! The 2022 Ipsos Mobility Navigator Study showed that interest in EVs has more than quadrupled in the US […]

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The EV Charging Buildout Has a Problem: Many Stations Don’t Work

Fear of drained batteries is a big barrier for many US drivers considering ditching gasoline-powered cars. ByDavid R BakerAugust 17, 2022 at 5:00 AM PDT Many US public charging stations fail to work when electric-vehicle drivers need them, according to a new J.D. Power report that underscores the Biden administration’s challenge in building out a network of stations nationwide. In a survey of more than 11,550 drivers, the firm found that one in five didn’t manage to […]

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Hyundai starts EV subscriptions for those who only need a car sometimes

CNN—For those who really don’t want a long term commitment but who may try out living with an electric vehicle, Hyundai is starting a car subscription service. Hyundai’s new Evolve+ program is designed for the “EV-curious,” or for those who only need a car temporarily, like “snowbirds” who move to southern states just for a few months. Customers can reserve a Hyundai Ioniq 5 EV for $899 a month using a smartphone app, or a Kona Electric […]

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US Postal Services Electric Vehicle

US Postal Service commits to buying 100% electric trucks by 2026

In a major reversal, the US Postal Service (USPS) has announced that it will ensure that 75% of new vehicles purchased in the next several years will be electric. By 2026, that will increase to 100% of purchases. The USPS announced in a press release that it expects to acquire at least 66,000 battery electric delivery vehicles from defense contractor Oshkosh as part of its 106,000 vehicle acquisition plan for deliveries between now and 2028. Further, 21,000 […]

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EVSE challenges installation

The EV Market’s Hidden Challenges & Opportunities

Why EVSEs will offer a new revenue stream for the construction industry. Electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) installations will offer a new revenue stream for the electrical construction industry, but electrical contractors need to first see if the local power distribution system can support the significant new electrical load. Electric vehicles (EVs) and the business opportunities they represent for electrical contractors may seem like a relatively new revolution. But Mike Johnston, NECA executive director of codes and […]

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Global Demand

Global Demand of Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Market Size & Share

Global Demand of Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Market Size & Share to Surpass USD 210 Billion by 2028, at a 33.2% CAGR | EVSE Industry Trends & Forecast Report by Facts & Factors TOKYO, JAPAN, March 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Facts and Factors has published a new research report titled “Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Market By Type Of Charging (Level-1, Level-2, and Level-3), By Type Of Charging Station (Inductive, Super, and Normal), By Type Of Setup (Portable […]

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EVSE Installation Tips

Planning Tips for EVSE Installations

NECA’s 2022’s educational program was loaded with content on building a business in EVSE installations. This session covered pre-installation planning. In the NECA 2022 seminar, “The Evolving EV Industry and Electrical Infrastructure Needed,” attendees got some solid tips on preparing for an EVSE installation. Andrew Taddoni, director of business development and product development for Leviton’s EVSE business and Will Lammey, associate product manager, for Leviton’s EVSE, Commercial and Residential unit, said with the number of electrical vehicles […]

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EV fast charging: How to build and sustain competitive differentiation

New publication by McKinsey: As millions of electric vehicles hit the roads in the next decade, the need for fast charging will grow rapidly. To win in this already competitive market, providers must differentiate themselves. Sales of battery-electric vehicles (BEVs), the main driver of demand for charging infrastructure, are expected to grow by more than 25 percent annually through 2030, when about 120 million passenger BEVs will be sold.1That growth will be driven by declines in battery prices […]

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Level 1 2 3 chargers

Shaping the future of fast-charging EV charging infrastructure

To help electric vehicles reach ubiquity, governments and EV charging companies must ensure the availability of fast-charging infrastructure doesn’t become a bottleneck for growth. A McKinsey research In the past decade, electric vehicles (EVs) have gone from a rare sight on even the busiest roadto an increasingly common, affordable option. In 2020, EV sales set new records that surpassed expectations, particularly in countries with an eager customer base and government policies supporting the transition to EVs. Much of […]

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Broken EV Charging Station

Electric vehicle owners are fed up with broken EV chargers and janky software

A common complaint you hear from electric vehicle owners is about the sorry state of public EV charging: broken chargers, janky software, busted screens. But a lot of this is anecdotal, and it can be hard to find any rigorous studies that capture the current state of EV charging in the US. JD Power surveyed 11,554 electric vehicle and plug-in hybrid vehicle owners from January through June 2022 for its second annual Electric Vehicle Experience Public Charging […]

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EV Batteries

Tech talk – EV batteries

Batteries, they do not make electricity – they store electricity produced elsewhere, primarily by coal, uranium, natural gas-powered plants, or diesel-fueled generators. So, to say an EV is a zero-emission vehicle is not at all valid. Also, since forty percent of the electricity generated in the U.S. is from coal-fired plants, it follows that forty percent of the EVs on the road are coal-powered, do you see?” But that is not half of it. For those of […]

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