5 Ways Commercial General Contractors Can Save You Money

If you are a facilities manager or anyone who has ever had to hire a construction team you know what a difficult task it can be. For this reason, we recommend facilities managers consider hiring a commercial general contractor. By doing this you can assure that the job is being managed by a professional team who knows exactly what they are doing.

We found 5 different ways that commercial general contractors can help facilities managers or building owners save money, here they are for you in no particular order.


A Great Commercial General Contractor Will Save You Time

Hiring a true professional can be a huge part of a fast and effective job. Companies with a history of high quality and efficient work are your best bet regardless of the price point. This is because despite their cost per hour or basic rates being higher, you know they will complete the job quickly and do it well.

This can be a big help in saving time. When you are managing a variety of different contractors simultaneously for various jobs it takes additional time. Contractors with a wide range of skills can manage the bulk of this process for you. Hire someone that can completely oversee the actual construction part of the job. This will free up a facilities manager to focus their time and energy on other tasks more suited to their background.


Efficient Project Management

We touched on this in the last part but just to really drive it home the overall management of the project is of the utmost importance. An experienced commercial general contractor has the ability to handle every aspect of the build – from the parking lot to the flooring, to the roofing. A great contractor will be able to see your project through from start to finish.

Permits and Insurance

Licensing and permits are a huge part of any construction job. Most general contractors will already have all of the permits and insurance for a job in place at the time you hire them. If not, they can easily pull permits from city, state and building offices and make sure that your commercial construction project is up to code.

In most cases a commercial general contractor will also carry workers’ compensation and liability insurance that protects you, the contractors and any other workers in case of accidents.

Quality of Materials

Due to their vast experience in construction and network of contacts in the industry, general contractors are able to obtain high quality building materials from their own sources. In most cases these materials can be acquired for much cheaper than at retail outlets. The contractors will pass these savings on to their clients. while ensuring that high quality materials are utilized for every aspect of the job. So in addition to knowing that the work is being done with top notch materials you can also count on getting a better price than you would trying to procure these materials on your own.

Additional Complications

You can always count on there being problems during a remodel or building project. General contractors deal with these types of issues every single day. Their experience helps to quickly overcome typical problems and prevent them from draining additional time off of your project.

When hiring general contractors, look for one with unmatched knowledge and expertise across all sectors of industry. This will not only save you money and time but also helps you in reaping positive benefits.

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Have a Well Defined Plan

One last bonus tip: have a well defined plan. You don\’t want to go into a job not knowing what you need. If you have a clear picture of the job at hand and all of the details it\’s much easier to choose the right contractor. Some commercial general contractors are great at roofing while others specialize in handicap bathroom remodels. You will want to have a detailed picture of the work you need before you start seeking out the right candidate for the job. As a buyer you need to be clear about want vs. need in terms of the service level, the scope of work you are looking for, the level of quality you want, etc.

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