Vetting General Contractors Who Specialize in Restaurant Work

If you run a restaurant you may need to employ the services of a general contractor who specializes in restaurant work. Restaurant maintenance and construction is an entirely different ballgame than standard building maintenance. It’s almost always good to go with an experienced construction company who has worked in a restaurant environment previously.

Here are a couple of additional things to think about when you’re searching for the perfect contractor for maintenance or upgrades at your restaurant.

Restaurant work can often be very complicated, more so than typical commercial construction. Whether you run a metropolitan steak house or a mom and pop diner there are a wide variety of factors you need to consider. Restaurants require specialized cooking equipment, specialized plumbing systems, you need to be in line with health and safety regulations, etc. etc. This is why experience in the restaurant industry can be such an important factor when choosing a contractor you can trust.


You should pay close attention to any accreditation or certifications, professional affiliations, etc. and weigh these factors when making your consideration. Another good question to ask yourself is what areas do they work in? What does their resume look like? Can they cite examples of prominent clientele they have worked with? How long have they been in business?

These are all important factors when choosing a contractor to do work on your restaurant.

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