3 Retail Facility Management Challenges and How We Can Help

When you work in retail facility management there are a lot of different things that you have to maintain. The role presents a whole slew of challenges in an individual location. Knowing this reality, a lot of facilities managers also manage multiple locations, making a challenging role even more difficult. We have identified some of the biggest problems facing facilities managers as well as ways Homesteady Solutions can help to solve them.


Outdated infrastructure

A huge problem in United States is our outdated infrastructure – roads ridges electrical grids etc. It seems as though a lot of our major cities are falling apart. Outdated infrastructure creates several challenges for facilities managers. Wear and tear on your parking lot from customers and delivery trucks, a lack of adequate parking for customers and employees, problems with electricity in your building, plumbing issues and so many more. When you work in retail facility management all of these problems are YOUR problems. Things outside of your control like crumbling roads and aging power lines can cause even more problems at your location. Our goal is to help reduce the stress associated with these types of issues. We offer pressure washing and cleaning services, we can help to repave your parking lot and more. Another example of infrastructure problems can occur when you power goes out. For some business owners this can create a huge loss of revenue. Adding a generator to back up your computers, registers, HVAC system, etc. can help keep you up and running if the local infrastructure fails you.

Vendor Relationships

Vendor relationships are another area that retail facility management experts must tend to. How do you pay vendors? How do you make sure that the contractors hours are verified? When will the workers be paid and how? All of these questions or something facilities managers need to be able to answer. The value that a company like Homesteady Solutions can provide in a case like this is that we offer a variety of high quality services. This is valuable to any facility manager who is actively managing a multitude of locations and relationships as we are one vendor. By being something of a Swiss army knife, we cut the amount of contractors you need to hire down to one. Whether you need a paint job, flooring installation, plumbing or lighting services or even a complete handicap bathroom remodel – we do it all. We want to be your trusted service partner who will save you the stress of managing multiple vendors and doing additional paperwork. We work as a trusted partner to ensure that all of your maintenance needs are being met, we are a one stop shop.


Long To Do List

One of the biggest issues facing a facilities manager is the long list of responsibilities they have to deal with on a daily basis. A lot of bigger companies are turning more to automation in order to help better manage the process. It doesn\’t even need to be said that this is one of the Core values Homesteady offers to our clients. When you have a long list of tasks and problems to manage and you\’re juggling a lot of different locations we aim to help you simplify. Since we offer such a diverse range of services we can be something of a one-stop shop for retail facility maintenance. This is like gold for busy facilities managers, they can hire us to do a variety of jobs and avoid the time necessary to vet and hire a plumber a painter a flooring guy etc. all separately.

When you hire a firm like Homesteady Solutions you get a partner that works tirelessly to help you achieve clean, professional spaces that run as efficiently as possible. You also get our expertise and ability to focus on several specific operational needs as well as savings of both time and money.

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