COVID-19: Resetting, Recovery, New Reality

Working together to meet the unprecedented challenges of a rapidly changing landscape to establish clarity, emerge with strength, and inspire the future of business.

Great analysis from KPMG here:

The rapid spread of COVID-19 has introduced new challenges across the business landscape. Working together, KPMG can help business leaders respond with practical and informed approaches to navigate uncertainty and gain clarity in changing times.

The following insights and guidance can help business leaders gain perspective and better understand evolving business implications as they occur. 

(source: KMPG)

A bridge is required to get past COVID-19’s economic impact

  • —  Each country in the world is experiencing the health and economic shocks from COVID- 19.
  • —  In order to prevent overwhelming the health system from an explosion of cases, many countries are temporarily taking drastic measures to flatten the case curve and reduce the long-term economic impact of the virus.
  • —  Social distancing restrictions and behavioral shifts have led to sharp declines in business activity and consumer spending worldwide

Post COVID-19 recovery will occur over 4-6 quarters:

  • Economic repair will take time and will not happen all at once even if it begins in certain sectors.
  • —  For example, the current stimulus is not set up to directly help large high-yield retailers that have temporarily laid off workers.
  • —  Because many firms will fall through the cracks initially, we anticipate a longer recovery than some forecasters.
  • —  The large sum of federal reserve assets deployed are showing signs of easing liquidity constraints in most markets.
  • —  Additional stimulus is likely in the offing to bridge the economy past COVID-19

See the complete PDF which also covers Construction and Maintenance services sectors like ours.

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