COVID-19 Update

To all our partners & customers.

The last week have seen a significant number of evolutions relating to the implications of COVID-19, locally, nationally and internationally.
Consequently, we are implementing all suggested precautionary measures proposed by CDC with immediate effect. 

In addition, 

  • We are implementing procedures to monitor employees fever levels. Should we detect any irregular situation we shall ask the employee to return home and report to proper health authorities and seek appropriate treatment. We hope you are doing the same. Please notify us immediately should you identify any risks as well. 
  • We have instructed our field technicians to wash their hands every two hours. This will be reminded to each employee or subcontractor’s employee by the foreman or project manager in charge. 
  • We are implementing new purchasing and supply chain procedures to ensure limited exposure of our employees to public & retail facilities.
  • We are instructing our subcontractors and suppliers to provide us with updates related to their precautionary measures and policies. 
  • Customer service will continue to be available during regular work hours. Our office team will work remotely, but this should not affect you or your project.

Please be assured that, not only are we monitoring all health-related situations and advice, there is no known case of COVID-19 in our facility or team, nor is there any directive from health authorities that would have a negative effect on our operations and services. 

Stay healthy, everyone. 


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