Remove the Black Streaks on Your Building\’s Roof

If you aren’t concerned, you should be. Black streaks that have appeared on your roof shingles are a sign of Gloeocapsa Magma – a black algae that eats away the limestone component in your roofing materials. Not only is this bad for your roof, but it makes your business property look less than appealing to potential customers and clients.

Instead of waiting for your roof to be damaged, let our professional commercial roof cleaning team clean and restore your organization’s roof. We use a combination of Algaecide, soft brushes, biodegradable cleaners  and heavy duty pressure washing equipment to not only remove the algae, but to clean and completely remove grime, pollen and environmental contaminants from each area. During our service, we will spray your commercial roofing materials with a preventative agent that will delay the return of the black algae. You will be shocked at the difference that a clean roof makes for your building’s appearance.

Do not take a chance on a dirty roof directing customers away from your business and to your local competitor. Take care of your property by hiring a commercial power washing company and watch your company’s profitability increase.