Pressure Washing for Restaurants, Clubs & Bars

Keeping your restaurant looking fresh is an important part of getting customers to return again and again. Pressure washing not only keeps the exterior of your restaurant in pristine condition. It also ensures that your kitchen is running smoothly and safely. 


Our pressure washing and cleaning professionals will remove the gum and stains that build up on sidewalks and parking lots over time. They will also clear away any grease and oil spills in your parking lot and dispose of the waste in accordance with local, state and EPA regulations. 


It’s also crucial to maintain your patios so that your customers can relax and eat in a clean outdoor environment. Help them feel as though they are in their own backyard sharing a meal with friends and family. Regularly pressure washing your patio, patio furniture, and awnings will allow customers to feel at home in the outdoor space that you\’ve created for them. 

In addition to making a good impression on the customers, it is important to maintain a clean work environment for your employees. Be sure to clean ovens, pizza racks, exhaust hoods, and other kitchen equipment to keep your kitchen running safely and ensure the kitchen is making the great food that your restaurant is known for. It is also essential to keep your dumpster pads and corrals clean, These areas are often overlooked, but by regularly pressure washing them your building’s exterior will be looking and smelling fresh year round. 

Whether it’s the entrance to your building, patios, kitchen equipment, or dumpster pads, regular pressure washing can maintain your restaurant and keep them coming back for more! To get started with an estimate contact us today!!

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