Fun! Surprising Saran Wrap – Plastic Wrap Tricks

From bunching up clingfilm to fill cracks that let in drafts, to hold in place a wet paper towel to loosen sticky adhesive or to keep paint rollers damp for use the next day by wrapping them in plastic wrap.  It\’s one of the handiest items you can keep in your kitchen and most people use it to keep food fresh. But there are some very surprising uses for saran wrap that many will have never heard of.

1.  FIX DRAFTY WINDOWS Saran wrap is a very versatile household item. Even the tiniest crack can let in what feels like an icy gale during the harsh winter months. Use bunched up pieces of clingfilm as a cheap way to plug the holes to stop drafts!

2.  KEEP PAINT ROLLERS FROM DRYING OUT Saran wrap can also come in useful for painting jobs. If you want to leave your paint rollers out because you know you\’ll use them the next day, try wrapping them in plastic wrap to prevent the paint on them going crusty and dry.

3. REMOVE STICKER GLUE There\’s nothing more frustrating than peeling back a sticker only for half of it to rip off and the other half leaving a dirty smear behind. But you can use Saran wrap to remove sticker glue. Use the plastic wrap to hold a wet paper towel in place over the offending bit of sticky adhesive until it is soft and loose enough to be wiped away easily.

4. MAKE FRIDGE CLEANING EASIER You can halve the time it takes to clean out your fridge if you place layers of clingfilm on your refrigerator shelves. When it\’s time to clean them, simply take off the dirty wrap and replace it with a new sheet.

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