Exterior Commercial Painting for Retail & Office

When you need to paint or renovate the exterior of a commercial property or building, contractors and painters must be careful not to disrupt the customers’ business operations. Licensed and certified building and general contractors should be vetted and have years of professional experience painting high-rises, mid-rises, multi-family, hotels, hospitals, office buildings, shopping centers, or industrial buildings.

To choose the right contractor, type: commercial paint contractor, licensed painter, licensed contractor and check the local records to validate their license and insurance.


Customers and facilities managers often ask for interior painting, waterproofing, parking lot striping, remodels, historical renovations, tenant improvements, general construction, reactive maintenance or ideally preventative maintenance, and commercial retail improvements. Exterior commercial painting is often not all that can be done for a business.

Professional painters must be properly trained in all necessary skills to provide the highest quality finished product. From heavy machinery coatings to detail interior/exterior painting, wall covering and faux finishes, professional painters must have the knowledge and craftsmanship to handle from the toughest commercial painting jobs to the most delicate projects.  Commercial Painting Services are applicable to: High-Rises, Mid-Rises, Condominiums, Multi-family complexes, Apartment Buildings, Multi-story Buildings. Warehouses, Offices Buildings, Malls, Retail Shopping Centers.

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