Commercial Flooring Materials for Landlords

Commercial Flooring Materials

When it comes to installing quality commercial floor coverings and materials, it is hard to choose materials and installers. Facilities managers should look for skilled and experienced staff to manage projects from the planning stages all the way through to post installation services like repair and maintenance. Some installers are offering cost effective solutions with quality workmanship and comprehensive flooring solutions. 

Flooring installation services typically include:

Sheet Vinyl

An impeccable sheet vinyl floor is key for facilities managers seeking applications for hospitals, clean rooms, research centers, medical office buildings or schools. Sheet vinyl is generally heat welded at all the seams creating a seamless installation to keep dirt and germs off of your floors. Manufacturers have many options of sheet vinyl materials, for example: wood grain visuals that are low maintenance and non-wax.

Vinyl Tile

Vinyl composition tile (VCT) is the most common vinyl tile floor used by facilities managers in commercial buildings due to its low cost and wide range of colors.  VCT tiles are easy to install, they are tipycally glued to the subflooring. 



Major manufacturers requested by property managers and facilities managers in charge of commercial building are: Bentley Prince Street, Patcraft, Mohawk, Tandus, Shaw, Lees, Blueridge, etc. 


Carpet Tile

Carpet tile in commercial buildings is commonly used today due to the flexibility of installation around furniture, ease of replacement and maintenance over time, and the ever expanding range of patterns. Carpet tile have the advantage of offering a very low waste factor. They can easily be repaired by simply removing a damaged flooring tile and replacing with a new  carpert tile. Major manufactures of carpet tile include: Interface Tandus,  Flors, Milliken, Lees,  Shaw and Patcraft.

Rubber Flooring

Rubber flooring is also a very goog durable and low maintenance option for a various range of commercial buildings. The initial cost of rubber flooring is generally higher than sheet vinyl but due to the low maintenance and durability of rubber flooring over time this is the less expensive option.

The natural oils in rubber flooring can be buffed to the surface to create a natural shine without using commercial sealers or polishes.

Ceramic Tile

Porcelain tile and ceramic tile are typically offered by most of the major manufacturers. Porcelain tile has the depth of natural stone and also the durability and toughness that is unmatched to many other flooring substrates and materials. For high traffic areas in commercial properties, multi-family units, condominiums, or office buildings, such as main entries, main lobbies and main corridors this flooring material is the most durable and long lasting option.  


Recycling Carpet

Eco-conscious building operators, facilities managers and property managers can recycle their broadloom carpet or carpet tile for upcoming major renovations.  They should investigate with CARE, Carpet America Recovery Effort, to help reduce the amount of old carpet in landfills. 


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