Tips for Choosing the Right Commercial Building Repair & Maintenance Services Company

Maintenance is important, it’s better to be proactive than reactive. When looking to hire a commercial building repair and maintenance service you will want to take your time, do your research and choose carefully. With the proper care you can drastically extend the life of your property. Knowing this, you’re going to need to hire the best, most experienced and full service company to handle these tasks on your behalf. There are a lot of options, but what is right for you? What qualities should you look for in a facilities management company that sets them apart from the rest?

We have narrowed it down to 5 specific factors to keep in mind as you seek out a reliable repair and maintenance partner for your business.

1. Time in Business

How long has this company been around? If the company has been around for 50 years the chances are much much higher that they are doing quality work. Very few if any shady companies manage to survive for 50 years worth of ripping people off. The best quality work always has longevity and that is also true in construction and contracting. No one who is doing quality work is going to be around longer than a few years so if your target company has been cranking for 30+ years it’s a safe bet they know what they’re doing.


2. Client References

If you’re doing commercial construction and maintenance you should have some case studies or references. What are some companies they have worked with? Do they have photos of work they have done in the past? Any well established firm is going to have trusted clients that will be willing to talk them up.


3. Positive Online Reviews

It’s 2020 and like it or not online reviews are important. You don’t have to be perfect, everyone is going to understand there are some people who just can’t be pleased. However, you do need to have a visible online presence and be the type of business that looks like it has a customer base. Be weary of any company that has little to no visibility on social media or that has a slew of nothing but negative and angry reviews.


4. Preventive Maintenance

Advising your customers to focus on preventive maintenance isn’t as profitable as waiting for them to have a 4 alarm emergency so you can charge them desperation rates… but it is a good strategy if you want long term business. The best way to continue to win new customers and grow is by being honest and up front about best practices. Any commercial repair and maintenance company that stresses the importances of preventive maintenance is bound to be a good one.


This is just something that tends to be all too rare in the new millennium. The importance of talking to a real person throughout the process of vetting and purchasing commercial maintenance services cannot be overstated. Really for any business… there is a lot of detachment and even scams that have been enabled by the internet. You know if you talk to a real life person you’re moving in the right direction… but always be vigilant.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us, we’d love to hear from you!

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