Composite decking: heavenly solution for Facilities Manager and commercial use

Recent studies from the North American Deck and Railing Association reported that over 40 million decks are projected to be over 20 years old in North America.

Wood decks have the preferred material for a long time, but is increasingly being replaced by composite decking as the outdoor spaces material of choice. Designed for easy maintenance and lasting beauty, with incredible durability, composite decking offer all the advantages of wood without the hassles of non-stop upkeep.

Here are primarily five key advantages of using composite decking:

  • Sustainability: Composite decking provides the look and feel of materials like wood without the environmental impact wood decks may have. Composite deck material are made using recycled content, including recycled plastic from common items and reclaimed industrial wood scraps.
  • Value: Although the initial cost of composite decking could be more expensive than wood decks, when factoring in the cost of ongoing maintenance required with a standard wood deck, a composite deck can end up providing a great return on investment in well under 10 years.
  • Durability: Composite decking is designed by principle or maximum durability. Composite decking resists fading, scratching, cuts, staining and mold. It will not crack or rot. It is splinter-free and insect-proof, which is a great advantage for both residential and commercial installations.
  • Aesthetics: Featuring wood grain patterns replica with potential rich, saturated colors, composite decking looks and feels more natural and suave than ever before. Color options range all across the board from deep earth tones to pristine greys and spicy reds. They include tropically-inspired boards that typically feature patterns like exotic natural wood streaked look.
  • Low-maintenance: With composite decking, commercial properties and residential homeowners will not need to worry about sanding, staining or painting. Just an occasional soap-and-water cleaning is pretty much what is required to maintain stability and beauty for decades. Materials come with different warranties, for example some decking manufacturers include a 20+ year warranty, confirming the value of the product.