Improving ROI while expanding CMMS use

Great advice published by JLL – we strongly believe and support centralized and automated computerized maintenance management systems. We are using CMMS capabilities ourselves, with great results.

If you’re like a lot of facilities managers, you using your computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) to transmit the work order from the person requesting service to the person who will do the work. But there’s so much more than a smart, powerful CMMS can do for your facilities management (FM) team.
A smart CMMS will help you and your team make a big impact on the company’s bottom line. How exactly can it do that? Facilities teams at four companies share their stories about how they’ve leveraged Corrigo CMMS to improve transparency and accuracy of spend while delivering real-time view into operations across all facilities.

  1. Location-enabled GPS tracking improves technician productivity & invoice accuracy
    A Fortune 50 company used Corrigo’s GPS functionality to track data on technician locations and time spent onsite. They were then able to not only identify the most productive techs, but also coach less productive workers to improve efficiency.
    GPS also provided technicians with important location data for assets needing to be repaired, so they didn’t have to waste time trying to find what equipment needed attention. Armed with this data, techs now show up with the right parts, in the right location, at the right time — and response times improved by 33%.
  2. Incident management reveals revenue impact of high-value facilities activities
    Floyd’s 99 Barbershop utilizes the incident management in Corrigo to track the impact of any operational interruption, no matter the cause, down to the asset level. If an asset is down — if it impacts anything — they record it as an incident, create reports, and disseminate them to the operations team so they see how these issues affect operations. Floyd’s 99 now understands the operational impact of any asset that stops functioning. All revenue-impacting events are also reportable, as are the costs and time required to address the events.
  3. Reduce loss prevention through increased visibility across your stores
    A major west coast grocery chain’s loss prevention team leverages the Corrigo CMMS platform to report theft attempts. Theft reporting was previously sent via email and employees had to manually enter information. Without a formal, standardized reporting process in place, information was often incomplete, erroneous, and nonstandard across locations. Now they use Corrigo, which prompts users to correct and complete information so reports are accurate and complete.
    The company generates automated reports and sends them to district directors as well as to loss prevention managers in each region. Store managers use these insights to decide whether to spend more on security and which measures make financial sense.