Sanitization, a post-confinement necessity.

We are witnessing a flux of good initiatives from major brands to improve sanitization, contactless interactions, and overall communication to employees and customers.

Hilton Hotels, as reported by Business Insider, announced the following:

It announced on Monday a new initiative called Hilton CleanStay, partnering with Lysol maker RB and the Mayo Clinic on enhanced cleaning procedures for its hotels. On the same day, Airbnb announced optional cleaning methods that include a minimum of 24 hours between bookings.

The Hilton program was developed as travelers\’ expectations for hygiene have evolved amid the coronavirus pandemic.

While the exact details have not yet been decided, here are some of the features Hilton said it is considering: 

  • Adding a sticker seal that would indicate to guests that no one had entered the room since a cleaning. 
  • Performing extra disinfection of frequently touched items like light switches, door handles, TV remotes, and thermostats. 
  • Removing pen, paper, and guest directory from guest rooms. 
  • Evaluating cleaning procedures for fitness centers, possibly including closing them more than once a day and limiting how many guests can be inside at a time.
  • Cleaning common areas more often. 
  • Adding disinfectant wipe stations for guests to use at entrances and in high-traffic areas, like at elevators. 
  • Doubling down on its Digital Key contactless check-in technology.
  • Exploring new disinfection technologies, like electrostatic sprayers and ultraviolet light. 

The hotel company added that all workers would receive personal protective equipment and additional cleaning training. 

Source: Business Insider.