Remodels for Retail Space, Corporate Office or Residential

Commercial remodels or build-outs are typically fast-paced projects, as occupying the space is directly linked with the owners’ ability to create revenue. The sooner you can move in, the sooner you can start generating revenue. A commercial remodel can be an extensive project that many businesses choose to take on instead of building a new facility. A business that doesn’t have the property to expand may choose a remodel to increase the efficiency of the space they already have available. This can be a lucrative move for a company that needs to grow but does not have the financial means to invest in an entire location or building.

Commercial Remodel vs. Build-out

A commercial remodeling project is when an existing tenant remodels their space. A “build-out” occurs when a business owner is establishing occupancy in a previously occupied commercial space. For example, a build-out would occur in a shopping center, mall, or office building.

Both types of projects can include:

  • exterior renovations
  • installation or relocation of interior walls or partitions
  • flooring
  • doors
  • windows
  • bathrooms
  • painting
  • shelving
  • and other accommodations to suit the specific needs of the client

Just like a new build, a commercial remodel has several stages. In most cases, the following stages are used in a commercial remodel project:

steps for commercial remodels

Work while Construction is Underway

When remodeling existing spaces, we understand most clients need to minimize the interruption to their business. We will work with you or your tenant to accommodate your goals. For instance, we may divide the project up into phases to limit the area where work is being performed. As an example, if your office has multiple bathrooms, for example, you would want to leave at least one operational while the others are being renovated.

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