America’s Electric Vehicle Selection Is About to Get a Lot Wider

EV options on the market are set to more than double this year, most of them SUVs and other supersize models.

This year, the U.S. market is about to see its options for electric vehicles more than double. Thirty entirely new models are poised to hit the streets, according to researcher IHS Markit, mostly created by luxury brands such as Cadillac, Lincoln, and Polestar. And unlike most of the EV standard-bearers to date, the next generation will arrive in the size Americans tend to like: extra large. The designs include at least 14 SUVs, a van, and four pickups, most notably a battery-powered version of Ford’s F-150, the country’s bestselling vehicle for decades. IHS estimates that 1 in 20 American buyers this year will pick a fully electric vehicle—almost 1 million machines—if the supplies hold out. “It’s going to be a matter of what can be built,” says analyst Michael Fiske, “not what can be sold.”