Managing the Pre-construction Process

Considering the scope and length of any preconstruction process on a project, the need for a systemic system to manage this preconstruction process is evident. Despite the need, there are few automated tools or software solutions beyond standalone solutions to estimating, scheduling and project manage to manage preconstruction process.

Commercial construction contractors who seek to differentiate themselves from their competition realize that preconstruction is a worthy focus for their resources and attention. When seeking to generate and win contract on more than just a lump sum simple bid basis, organizational capabilities prior to the beginning of construction must go beyond simple (or advanced!) estimating skill. Despite a potentially costly pre-construction costs, most facilities managers, office owners, industrial operators and owners in general still should expect the involvement of their commercial contractor early in the conceptual and design phase and rely upon the cost, schedule and design expertise their selected contractors offer to ensure they receive the most from any construction dollar they are spending.